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I am interested in the intersection of Style, Design, Masculinity and Photography. My blog is a collection of things I reblog, Images I remix, and photos I take in the afformentioned categories.
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Geek love

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If you have recently had a breakup, Lissie is the artist for you. #breakup #music #gettingoverhim


The Refugi Lieptgas in Flims, Switzerland, designed by Nickisch Sano Walder Architekten.

A historic log barn was used as the external form for pouring a new concrete structure in its place.

More info (including bookings) here.

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Getting down with some classic speed metal today, something has to wake me up.

Don’t hate me, just FMLYHM!

The beard is getting longer so I figured it is time for another self portrait to show it off.



Pipe and beanie

Yes, this is an awesome photo for many reasons…


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I need the chair on the left.